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    About JointForce

    JointForce, a?trusted?IT?service?crowdsourcing?platform based?on?social?collaboration?and?sharing?economy, built by ChinaSoft?International which banked?8th?among?China's?top?100?software?companies. It provides a transaction and communication platform with short-term or medium-term IT service,individuals, teams and enterprises who are willing to provide services. To enable parties to the transaction to complete both the customized development and delivery of software in a rapid, safe and effective manner, it provides the Development Collaboration Cloud ,and comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the IT service.

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    Hire Professional Providers Or Find Business

    We have thousands of providers for business online: web development, mobile app development, product
    sourcing,artificial intelligence and graphic design. Whatever your needs, there will be a provider to get it done.

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    How it works

    For Employer

    For Provider

    Why JointForce

    Hand in hand with Huawei DevCloud,
    improve your project management efficiency

    Provides agile development teams with
    easy and efficient coordination services,
    including multi-project management, agile
    iteration management, requirement
    management, and so on.

    Provides software developers with
    Git-based online code hosting services,
    including code cloning, downloading,
    committing, pushing, comparison,
    merge, and branching.

    Provides a cloud-based code
    quality management service for software
    developers. It enables you to manage and
    improve your code quality using code
    static checks, quality assessments,
    security checks, and so on.

    Provides an easy-to-use code
    compile and build platform that
    supports multiple programming languages
    on the cloud. It helps enterprises shorten
    delivery period and improve delivery efficiency.

    Provides visualized, customized,
    and automatic delivery pipelines
    that shorten delivery periods and
    improve delivery efficiency.

    TestMan is an integrated software test
    solution that manages test requirements and
    provides case management, test execution,
    defect management, and multi-dimensional
    product quality evaluation. It allows
    developers to efficiently manage test
    activities and deliver high-quality products.

    DeployMan provides visualized, one-click
    deployment services and supports parallel
    deployment and CloudPipeline integration.
    This standardizes the deployment
    environment and automates the deployment

    ReleaseMan is a cloud service that provides
    developers with software release and
    management functions, such as software
    repository access, software release and
    release package downloads, and release
    package metadata management. Secure,
    reliable software repositories allow developers
    to manage software packages, enhance
    software release quality and efficiency, and
    continuously release products.

    Our stories

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    Major events of JointForce in 2017

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